Silkscreen printing (known as serigraphy in the USA) is a stencil method of print making. A screen of fine mesh is stretched around a frame onto which a design is imposed, leaving open and filled areas. Ink is forced through the mesh openings by a squeegee onto the paper below. A large number of screens are used to produce a multicoloured image. A different screen is used for each colour represented in the print.

On average the screenprints I hand printed have between 40 – 60 individual colours. It is very time consuming process. For instance, say one area of the print Blossoms II’ requires red flowers (bottom right of the print), and as you can see, that colour is not required elsewhere in the print, I still had to produce a stencil, & print every copy in the edition just for that area with the red flowers.

If you count out all the colours in any one print, they are all printed separately, and it is critical that each colour is registered, so each piece of paper must be placed on the screen printing table in exactly the same position. When all the sheets of paper have been printed by that particular stencil, it is destroyed. 

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